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Shifting from merely interative to truly innovative

Intentionally Mining Emergent Spaces for Revolutionary Ideas

Emergence - A Definition

"Goldstein initially defined emergence as: 'the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems.'" 

Jefferey Goldstein's publications on Semantic Scholar

Emergence requires ...

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When it comes to finding emergence, if that is what you’re after, cultivating expanded perception is exceptionally useful. ... It’s about navigating the world without a map, using your intuition, and doing things that you don’t know how to do.

~ Euvie Ivanova, Co-Founder of 

The Quickest Path to Action

Mountain climbing

Going slow to go fast

Extra patience and attention is required - all the discussion, discovery, curation, networking and weaving that happens before something becomes a visible project - before a great new idea takes shape. It's the months of planning before a climb. It's the research and development before a product is ready for production. It's researching the field before forming a new hypothesis. It's allowing the impossible to be possible before coming to judgement.  It's the promise that if one can break through a boundary, they leave a trail in their wake making it easier for others to follow.   

Only by collectively holding space for emergence can we defy the odds and move forward faster than we ever thought possible. 

Mountain climbing

Emergent Conversations

An Emergent Conversation on 30 Mar 2022

... a flowing, spontaneous conversation between two people who just met: Killu Sanborn and Wendy McLean about creating contagious spaces through emergent leadership, the importance of establishing feedback loops to best meet and respond to the challenges we face, how we might better react to community concerns.  What else do you hear?

Another Emergent Conversation 27 July 2022

Killu Sanborn and Wendy McLean are back together.  Covering many topics in another flowing conversation that ends with discussing how this type of trust in a group doesn't come from the people or the culture, it comes from the VIBE. Being together in this way, coherently, is powerful!

Additional Voices

These perspectives may come from those who walked a different path, speak to different facets, or come from different disciplines, yet they all resonate with a similar vibe.

Bar Chart

A clear argument for needing "a critical mass to facilitate the emergence of new ideas" 

Neil Davidson | Dec 24, 2018

Image by Nahil Naseer

Being willing to ask questions that don't have answers, or that don't have answers, yet.

Alan Lightman | PBS Series | 2023

Sand Dunes

How does this resource connect to the ideas around spaces or conversations around emergence?

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