Here we are exploring the Cycle of Emergence that leads to collective wisdom, from the understanding that there's something uniquely human and essential about recognizing patterns within the novel and the chaotic.  This is a practice that has always been essential to the human experience, to co-creation. As our world gets more chaotic and other reference points in our lives disintegrate, the Cycle of Emergence remains and provides us with a sold reference point.  Where along the Cycle do I most like to be?  What stage of the Cycle is the project I'm working on?

So, Let's explore more about how this Cycle works so we can intentionally create ideal environments for Emergence, learn to replicate it at scale, and mine it for success.  We need humanity at its best - creative, innovative, and collaborative - and The Cycle of Emergence will assist us in being out best so that together we can be better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

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The Cycle of Emergence

Exploring the Co-Creation and our evolution towards greater wisdom
- started 24 March 2022 -

Check out this Miro Board to see what we're working on and what's emerged lately.  Feel free to contact me if you want to contribute or learn more!



An Early Detection System
- emerged July 6, 2022 -

**Cycle of Emergence STAGE 1**
We are being called to practice making the unseen seen by noticing the slightest change in vibration.  We are practicing discerning and feeling into the subtle shifts, so that we can notice emerging patterns sooner. We can learn to "see" them coming from farther down the road, when ...

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Making Appointments


Calling for balance of co-creative energies
- emerged 29 April 2022 -

**Cycle of Emergence STAGE 1 & 2**
Last week, for the first time, ever in my life, I experienced a work call where women were given the floor to speak while the men listened -- that is to say, the men fully witnessed the women as we shifted the...


Additional Perspectives

Definition of Emergence (Wiki) - "Goldstein initially defined emergence as: 'the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems'."

Euvie Ivanova, Co-Founder of FutureThinkers.org

  • Baba Yaga, Shamanism, and Emergence (Article).  "When it comes to finding emergence, if that is what you’re after, cultivating expanded perception is exceptionally useful. ... It’s about navigating the world without a map, using your intuition, and doing things that you don’t know how to do." 

  • On Human Geometry and Coherence (Article). "Human geometry plays an important role in facilitation,... It can allow us to be intentional when we create spaces that are meant to enable emergence."


Emergence Conversations


An Emergent Conversation on 30 Mar 2022

... a flowing, spontaneous conversation between Killu Sanborn and myself (Wendy McLean) about...

The Cycles of Co-Creation

Listen to us discuss something a bit new:

* Creating a collaborative vibe - the way a conversation feels - comes from the way we choose to be together, and speaking ‘from’ instead of speaking ‘about’.

* Creating contagious spaces through emerging leadership and emergent conversations.

* The importance of recognizing cycles and establishing feedback loops to best meet and respond to the challenges we face.

* How we might better recognize negative patterns and react to community needs, earlier in the cycle, before a crisis hits.

* Asking new types of questions in evaluating projects, based on their ability to hold space for what’s emerging, to magnify the potential for solving community concerns, or to create efficiencies anywhere along the co-creative cycle.

What else do you hear?