Wisdom is the new Revolution!

Wisdom is the new revolution.

Reach your highest potential.  
Bring out the innate wisdom, strength, creativity and solutions within you.


Create Positive Change in Your Life

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential.

Wendy McLean provides expert advice and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them.


Get Involved With Something Exciting

Why aren't we all already thriving?  This new internet platform aims to use network and crowdsourcing technology to enable the best in humanity. We already have most answers we need to solve any problem. Let's empower people with the freedom to seek answers, to explore shared knowledge, and to take their own steps toward a better life.


Make Well-Being Part of Your Curriculum

Using the science of Positive Psychology, Character Strengths, GRIT and Growth Mindsets, Wendy builds a custom program for students, teachers and parents that dives into the needs of your community. Packed with practical tips and useful skills to reduce bullying, increase class engagement and improve overall success, people gain a positive mindset and the tools to create positive change.

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Create a Better Tomorrow Now

For parents and teachers!  We are all aware that raising responsible, intelligent, well-adjusted children is the toughest job we will ever have. Learn over 20 science based tools, each only takes a few minutes, to empower your kids toward a lifetime of flourishing!


Activate Your Body's Wisdom

Discover the benefits of a breakthrough PEMF technology for yourself.  A simple 8-minute session increases blood flow to improve energy levels, healthy sleep, detoxification, endurance, strength, concentration, cardiac function, stress reduction, relaxation and mental acuity. 

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"So informative and motivating.  Felt like you skimmed the tip of the iceberg – fascinating. Thanks for all of this valuable information." ~Parenting Class~

Lynn B.

"Taking the conscious time to find peace and joy in my own heart is so essential to being a joyful parent! Thank you for helping me to remember that!"

Rebecca K.

"Wendy is a very caring, compassionate, skilled facilitator of healing. She helps guide you to discover your own core issue(s) and then helps you release and clear it (them). After my session, I felt a powerful transformation." 
~Coaching Session~

JoAnn Duncan,

Reiki Master Teacher