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Frequently Asked Questions

So this all sounds nice, but what is it that you're actually DOING?

So, what exactly is the new platform idea?

Everyone's Wisdom will be a knowledge curation platform, giving people the freedom to explore, curate, learn and advance current human knowing.  Its a collaborative project aimed at bringing together the latest in internet technical advances with the intention of supporting human flourishing.  
While Wendy works specifically on the UX / UI design, she's also coordinating efforts with others who are developing other pieces of what will be needed for the full puzzle to be complete.  This may take the form of being one platform, or it may be an integration of many.  With technological limitations and advancements currently at play, that answer remains to be seen.

What is so special about this UX/UI idea?

With her background in Psychology and mindful meditation, Wendy is laser focused on creating a user experience that simplifies and enhances our lives.  She believes we should experience technology that works for us, not for advertisers. We deserve tools that reduce friction in our lives and free up our daily thought processes, enabling our solution-finding, help-getting, innovation-generating and collaborative capabilities. We are curious and creative beings who thrive on connection.  So we are building that! 
Wendy draws regularly on the research and latest thinking in flow, positive education, character strengths, mindful business practices, innovation spaces and collaborative games.
Wendy envisions an essential part of the platform experience to be for self-awareness and personal growth, an area she calls "The Compass".

What are the other pieces of this puzzle?

Quite a few pieces are getting clear, but the picture is certainly still emerging.  There's general agreement that blockchain or holochain technologies are essential - they enable decentralized infrastructure that's necessary for the safety and security of people's private data and also provide the foundation for a more collaborative framework.  Another clear piece is the emerging economic frameworks - NFTs allow people to clearly own their contributions to small or large-scale networks.  In adidition, new values around business interactions, rules of governance, legal structures, research networks and funding sources are also essential.  This is certainly a long-term project that is, at its core, a weaving together of the best from different fields.

This is such a huge project, what makes you think you'll succeed?

This project has a life of its own; I am just one of many contributing to it.  With over 10 years of dedication, I've had a front row seat in experiencing the ebb and flow - alternately observing and researching to listen for what's emerging with networking and developing to bring about its ultimate creation.
With each step, the project got bigger and was influenced by and sought to influence more sectors of society.  Part Google, part Amazon, part FB, part Linkedin, part Library catalog... Everyone's Wisdom and associated projects seek to reinvent how and why we use the web today.  
We are a group of concerned, mindful, deep-thinkers, passionate about serving humanity. Our intent is to put humanity again the forefront of technological advancements so we can rise ever more quickly to meet the challenges of our time.  
I've committed myself to see this through to the end, step by step, no matter how long it takes.  Eventually it will happen.

Who else is involved?  Who are you collaborating with?

There are many great projects and groups of people working on this.  Wendy is collaborating most closely with Trove, Seriously, WINfinity & Open Global Mind.  You can get links and see a more complete list in Resources.

How can I get involved with your current initiatives?

You are needed! 

Please, give me your info here and tell me what project inspires you or how you'd like to get involved.  ~Wendy

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