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Cycle of

 Emergence Project

Scaling the Conditions for Innovation

Here we are exploring a Cycle of Emergence: A collaborative, creative process that leads to collective wisdom.


Broadening the typical definition of creativity beyond the confines of the arts allows us to see that any novel contribution to humanity is the result of the same creative process.  A new mathematical theorem, scientific solution, child's game, article shared, or economic model is a result of the same process.  We start with a question and go on a quest of discovery.  Along the way we learn and grow and - if we're lucky - uncover something new, not just for ourselves but also new for the world.  And as a bonus, if this process is followed with openness to diverse perspectives of opinion and experience, it can also guide us to greater collective wisdom.  


Most importantly, as our world gets more chaotic with the disintegration of our known systems and climate, the Cycle of Emergence can provide us with a reference point for our cooperative learning and a recognition of the importance of the entire process as a source of the solutions we will need. 


So, Let's explore together how this Cycle works so we can intentionally create environments for innovation and learn how best to replicate the process at scale.  We need humanity at its best - creative, innovative, and collaborative - and The Cycle of Emergence will assist us being better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

A Spiral Crosses 6 Stages

Cycle of Emergence - vsn 4.0.png

The Cycle of Emergence

To codify the conditions of our evolution towards our emergent future & greater wisdom

- started 24 March 2022 -

Next Steps:

Incorporating this axis into the Tapestry

Check out this Miro Board to see what we're working on and what's new.  

Feel free to contact Wendy if you want to contribute or learn more!

Leading Questions to Guide Us:

What might we be missing?

Is that the only viable answer?

What does < that > make possible?

Does anyone have an alternative perspective?

Where along the Cycle do I most like to be?  

What stage of the Cycle is the project I'm working on?

Gaining Additional Details

A fractal of

Capturing a more linear and detailed view of the first stage, written from the perspective of group facilitators or leaders who are creating and holding the space.

- emerged December 2022 -

Next Steps:

Creating a fractal for each stage.

This detail is on the same Miro Board

Feel free to contact Wendy if you want to contribute or learn more!

Stage 1 of the Cycle of Emergence - Inception process flow.png

Reflection: How creating connects us with all life


An Early Detection System
- emerged July 6, 2022 -

**Cycle of Emergence STAGE 1**
We are being called to practice making the unseen seen by noticing the slightest change in vibration.  We are practicing discerning and feeling into the subtle shifts, so that we can notice emerging patterns sooner. We can learn to "see" them coming from farther down the road, when ...

Rainbow LV_edited.jpg

Next Steps:

* Placing existing pieces -- the people, projects, initiatives, etc -- within the Cycle, possibly by way of the Tapestry view
* Research similar cycles and clarify the conditions for emergence in each stage

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