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Earth Projection

Mapping the People & Projects

Building toward a collaborative knowledge network 

An effort to develop new technologies for knowledge curation and sensemaking at scale via a collaborative user friendly interface
Trove Kumu Map of TPC.png

Mapping for navigation - #1

Exploring how maps can best be used to reduce friction in seeking and finding what we're looking for.  Kumu relationship maps test the usefulness of interactive navigation, in partnership with Catalist and Factr.

The Brane snapshot.png
Mapping at scale - #2

Ensuring that the design and UX functionality serve people by simplifying data and remaining intuitive at the scale of 400,000+ points of information.  This image is from The Brane.  Another great example is at TheBrain.  See Resources for more. 

Trove - Transformation Communities.png

Practical application in Troves - #3

Ultimately, the UI/UX will allow people to edit, curate, and interconnect information into a personal network as they navigate the knowledge map.  It will also hold space for collaboration, creativity and innovation to uncover the solutions we all need urgently for our future.  This picture is of a Trove (a tool within the Catalist Network).  Inspiration continues to come from features at, and Seriously in the App Store, The science of well-being, flourishing, flow and thriving also contribute heavily.  


The Winding Path to Wisdom - #4

Our systemic problems require we break down the silos and find more holistic solutions that combine academic disciplines and resonate across cultures and communities.  This is a shift from the current information overload to curating knowledge sets and then ultimately gaining new perspectives. This is the platform from which wisdom emerges and compels us toward compassionate action. Let's explore what wisdom is, how to find it more often and what it does for us.  More here.

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