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Science of Success

An online course

Proven Tools for a Flourishing Life

"The time has come for a new prosperity, one that takes flourishing seriously as the goal of education and of parenting. Learning to value and to attain flourishing must start early—in the formative years of schooling—and it is this new prosperity, kindled by positive education, that the world can now choose."

~ Martin Seligman, American psychologist, educator, and author

Ensuring kids thrive in our stressed-out world

Who should
take this

Parents and teachers who want to better prepare their children and students for a flourishing life full of success


Advisors, school counselors, program directors, grandparents or other adults wanting to support children to be their best would also benefit


  1. ​​Gain insights to improve discipline and reduce stress at home and in the classroom 

  2. Understand why happiness is important to producing long-term success from middle school to college and beyond. 

  3. Create a powerful action-plan to continually support your kids & students in their path to success 

  4. Take immediate steps to set your children on a path to success 

  5. Learn the right way to discuss achievement with your children to ensure they thrive 

  6. Increase engagement and resilience with simple shifts in your parenting or teaching style 

Build a foundation that will last a lifetime for yourself and your children or students!

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