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In these sessions, Wendy supports your life journey by using intuitive guidance to uncover insights, validate choices and promote healing from within.  Using tools from the science of positive psychology, wisdom from eastern philosophy, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), tapping, and Reiki, Wendy quickly 'reads' people and discerns core issues.  Using this holistic approach provides you with deeper, more connected, clearer solutions.

The goal of sessions

Sessions are designed to help you feel more connected, relaxed, centered, and energized around your singular purpose.  The world needs the best of what only you can give, and there’s no time to waste in your giving your best. This is about stepping into your highest potential – as a person, as a parent, or as a partner – and having the confidence to get you there.  And if you're already there, its about owning, validating and confirming your role even more.

What happens during the session?

Wendy will sit with you and discuss your concerns and/or your passions.  Simultaneously, she will be tapping into Spirit including her guidance, your Higher Self, your guides, and possibly even loved-ones who have passed. The messages she gets create new questions, revealing insights, encouragement and support that would not otherwise be presented. She’ll also use this guidance to ascertain personalized tools to aid you in integrating the messages – a gratitude list, tapping to remove old beliefs, tarot card, sentence turn-arounds, short meditation, strength spotting, etc.  Sessions conclude with a mantra or takeaway to reinforce the wisdom gained.

How many sessions will I need?

People often benefit from just one session. If you'd like more time to discuss and integrate, get a 3-session package and save $50!  Don't wait! The world needs you at your best!  Let this be the guidance and validation of your highest path!

How do I schedule a session?

You can book online through this website.  But if no times work for you, or if you prefer, you can contact Wendy by email or phone to discuss a mutual time and place.  Sessions last up to 80 minutes (1hr 20min). You can also add on a 8-minute BEMER session to activate your body's healing. 



ADD-ON BEMER SESSION - $30 ($5 off)

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Each session I’ve experienced with Wendy has initiated shifts ... moving me further on my path of awareness and healing.  Over the course of three months, Wendy has intuitively guided me, utilizing her deep experience and insight. She has offered me a wide range of tools: energy healing, cutting edge Bemer technology, psychological and spiritual inquiry.  As Wendy has held space for my growth, I feel more balanced physically and at peace emotionally. I understand my life’s mission in a way I never have before.

Wendy is a very caring, compassionate, skilled facilitator of healing. She helps guide you through a journey in which you discover your own core issue(s) and then helps you release and clear it (them) through energy techniques and positive affirmations. After my session with Wendy, I felt a powerful transformation on my healing journey that I had been on for many months.

Ellie Kirk, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher

JoAnn Duncan, Reiki Master Teacher