Wendy McLean

Founder, Everyone's Wisdom ®

  • Mapper, Speaker, Systems Thinker and Guide for Greater Self-Actualization

  • 300-hr Certification in Positive Psychology (CiPP)

  • Creator of "The Science of Success" online course

  • Reiki, Level II certification

  • Certified JourneyDance™ Teacher

  • Independent Bemer Distributor

  • 27 year yoga & meditation practice

Wendy is the founder and creator of Everyone's Wisdom®, a web-based platform to curate knowledge, happiness, and actions to bring out the best in humanity (in development).  The concepts that underpin this new user interface have been in consideration for over 12 years.

For over 16 years, Wendy has been a speaker and workshop facilitator for women, teachers, parents and families. Emerging from her own health and parenting struggles with insights and wisdom, Wendy sympathizes with the intensity of forever nurturing the best in our family members and in ourselves. The latest science makes it easier, proving that with a little focus, attention and practice we can achieve both greater well-being and success. The shift to a more thriving life comes with simply knowing we can change; the work is in choosing to making it happen.

Wendy brings her voracious curiosity, passion for all things positive, joy from raising two girls, energy healing work and knowledge from extensive personal study to everything she does.  She lives in NY north of NYC with her family. 

Read Wendy's blog to learn more about why she does what she does and where she got the idea for Everyone's Wisdom.


"So informative and motivating.  Felt like you skimmed the tip of the iceberg – fascinating. Thanks for all of this valuable information." ~Parenting Class~

Lynn B.

"Taking the conscious time to find peace and joy in my own heart is so essential to being a joyful parent! Thank you for helping me to remember that!"

Rebecca K.

"Wendy is a very caring, compassionate, skilled facilitator of healing. She helps guide you to discover your own core issue(s) and then helps you release and clear it (them). After my session, I felt a powerful transformation." 
~Coaching Session~

JoAnn Duncan,

Reiki Master Teacher